Top Investment Apps

2021 is the year to start your stock portfolio and begin amassing your wealth. We’ve done the research and found the best investment apps available today! Whether you’re an old hat or brand new to the stock market game, these apps will help you invest wisely!


Robinhood is a great app for beginners, as it offers education on financial investment basics. You can also invest in crypto-currency like Bitcoin and Dogecoin. Commission-free, Robinhood cuts out a lot of the costs associated with many investing apps. The one major drawback is that Robinhood does not offer retirement accounts or manage portfolios, which means all investments are taxable and self-managed.


Fledgling investors should definitely check out Acorns. Acorns provides free management for college students and offers a “spare change” savings tool that rounds up purchases and invests the change. Acorns does have flat fees, between $1-$3 a month.


DIY investors will love the research library provided by E*Trade, with expert studies, up-to-date information and data. Buy into a wide range of assets with E*Trades stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, futures and options. E*Trade does charge a steep commission of $6.95 per trade, but the features may be worth it.


Stash is another great app for new investors, plus it offers banking features! For a flat $3 monthly fee users get brokerage, bank and retirement accounts. At the $9 per month level, you can also receive two custodial accounts, monthly investment research and rewards structures, plus a debit card. Stash requires only $5 to open an account and offers fractional stocks and ETFs.

TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade requires no minimum investment but does charge $6.95 per trade. Users are willing to pay the fees because TD Ameritrade offers asset options and top of the line customer support. You can get 24/7 phone, text and instant messaging support.